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Harris Goldberg Financial Testimonials

Harris Goldberg Financial Testimonials:                                                                                                                    

"We have all been in those situations where we fall on hard times...lose a job...and everything else begins to falls apart all at once during the worst of times. The best thing we can do to move forward is simply not lose faith in life and its purpose as well as find means to get by and stay afloat by whatever means necessary. This is something that happened to me after being laid off from my previous employer last year. After taking out a plethora of payday loans just to keep up with bills and feeding my family, I was not only inundated in debt...but also drowning in phone calls from debt collectors as well as fraudulent companies acting as debt collectors threatening to arrest me, sue me, and more. Thankfully, one day I discovered help from the outstanding financial solution organization that is HARRIS GOLDBERG FINANCIAL. Evan DeBoard of HGF not only put me at ease with his great knowledge of laws, practice, and debt solution but he also arranged it so that I would stop receiving all these threatening/harassing phone calls and slowly but surely pay off all my debt. If it was not for my rep at HGF, I do not know where I would be...emotionally, legally, and financially. If you see yourself in a jam like mine, Harris Goldberg Financial is definitely number one on my recommendation list for financial help."


Thank you,


- Chris

It has been a pleasure working with Harris Goldberg Financial. Professional, courteous and always in contact with the customer. Very customer service oriented.

Thank you,

Working with Harris Goldberg financial has been a life saver. I was drowning in debt and thinking there was no way out. After speaking with hgf, I was immediately put at ease. They informed me of my options and were extremely knowledgeable. I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am extremely grateful for hgf. Their knowledge and professionalism is second to none.

Thank you

I want to thank harris goldberg financial for helping me get some financial relief.  I'm especially thankful for Evan Deboard for his commitment to working diligently and for long hours on my behalf.  I would refer other people to harris goldberg financial for their need.




Thank you again for your work and professionalism in handling my payday loan settlements thus far.  I was so stressed and working myself to death just to make the minimum payments.  When faced with few or no options it was all too easy to paint myself into a corner with these loans with exorbitant interest and fees.  I was at the breaking point and on top of that it was even more stressful when I started seeking assistance.  I needed a professional, reputable company to help me out of the hole I dug.  I could not afford to pay a big up front fee, and I needed someone who would take the time to walk me through the process and not treat me as an irresponsible person.  I appreciate the personal treatment you afforded me and all the communication.  Harris Goldberg has definitely made me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the unfortunate circumstance I found myself in.  Anybody can fall into such a situation and I'm glad I found somebody to help me out of it.  It was a bit surprising how quickly the first settlement was agreed to and I look forward to the day when my last loan is settled. 

Richard G.

I am very pleased with the results I have been receiving with Harris Goldberg Financial. They have not only been instrumental in reducing my debts, but in giving me peace of mind concerning my debts. When problems with creditors arose, they were swift to resolve all situations. I'm glad they are on my side. I highly recommend their services.

James B.

This company was very helpful and relieved so much stress from me. They worked with me in my situation when they didn't have to and worked everything out for me. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone. I promise they work with you and take good care of your situation.

Pearl L.

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