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Payday Loan Settlement Company

If you have too many credit card debts or payday loans a debt relief program may save you money and help you get out of debt.  

By setting aside funds every month into a separate dedicated savings account, you will become one step closer to negotiating down your debt and we want to help you with that next step—speaking with creditors and working out a payment plan or lump sum amount that the creditor may be willing to accept to satisfy the sums owed.   

Successful debt settlement companies can typically negotiate a settlement between 40% and 60% of your current balance if you are experiencing financial hardship. The settlement can usually be paid over a number of months so that you can afford the monthly payments. Sometimes, the settlement is a lump sum payment.


So get the help you need to save money and get rid of debt. That way you can get back control of your bank account and paychecks.


We hope this information is helpful and know that Harris Goldberg Financial is here to support and help you in your efforts to get out of debt and save money.


Feel free to sign up above or give us a call for more information regarding our settlement programs that have a proven success rate for numerous clients over the years.


Get started today on the path to financial freedom with a new Debt Settlement Program.

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Let Harris Goldberg Financial Put You On The Path Towards Financial Freedom.

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Signed Settlement Letters We Have Gotten For Our Clients.

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More Great Signed Payday Loan Settlement Offer Letters.

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Payday Loan Settlement Services

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Looking for a Debt Settlement Company you can trust? Look no further! 

We’re committed to debt relief and to serving you with honesty, quality savings, and to get you out of debt. 


Harris Goldberg Financial has been in the debt settlement for many years. We have provided debt relief and credit repair to many people in debt and with bad credit.

Debt Relief:

Our experienced debt negotiators will work to save you money as they endeavor to get rid of all your unsecured debt and payday loans. 


We use proven strategies to provide high-quality relief programs in our effort to help you save money while reducing your debt.


We hope that through our services you will find yourself free of debt and the incessant nagging of collection calls, without the need to file for bankruptcy.  One Focus Financial’s debt relief program is a convenient way to work to get your debt paid off fast.


We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you on the path to financial freedom. Your satisfaction with our debt relief programs is our highest priority!


Benefits of  Payday Debt Settlement Program

Structure of a savings plan that works best for your circumstances
Have a debt settlement negotiator advocating for you
Work with professionals who have a proven track record for settlement and who know when and for how much certain creditors are most likely to settle a debt
The program teaches discipline in setting aside funds and better budgeting.


Payday Debt Settlement

Credit Card Consolidation

Student Loan Consolidation

 How it Works:

If you are feeling overwhelmed in debt and don't know what do, Harris Goldberg Financial will work to help you save money and get rid of your debts through negotiating them down.


We provide debt relief services that have a proven track record for success. Wondering how to get out of debt? This is how programs work. First, we calculate your debt to income ratio. This is your income vs your outstanding debt and bills. Then we customize affordable savings plan to set aside funds that will be used by our experienced debt negotiators. This savings plan allows you to place the funds in a third party dedicated account so that you can access the funds, but they are generally kept separate so that you can allocate them for settlement and payment of program fees.  Then your debt negotiator will work to make settlement arrangements with all your creditors and settle your debts for typically 40-60% of your principal balances. We will not remit payments to your creditors until we have a signed settlement letter in writing from each creditor which will be emailed to you and then we will remit payments to your creditors based on each settlement agreement.  

 Why Choose Us


We Love Providing Debt Relief

Our debt negotiators love to work to save people money and help people get out of debt. They have a passion for debt relief.

Leave it to Us

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your negotiation of debt is in the best of hands.

We Truly Care

The right care and effort enable you to get out of debt fast. We bring our experience to the table, understanding your situation while working on your behalf to settle your debts.

Our promise to you to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of debt amount or creditor. Harris Goldberg Financial is committed to saving you money and helping you become debt-free. We only receive our fee per debt we settle after settling that debt and after you have made at least one payment to your creditor toward that settlement.

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