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Payday Loan Help 

Payday Debt Settlement HELP From Harris Goldberg Financial

 The initial telephonic consultation with our representatives will determine your qualifications for a payday debt settlement program or debt consolidation program. While we want to help everyone, there are specific criteria that need to exist which make you a qualified or unqualified candidate for our debt relief assistance. For example, you must be in financial hardship. Our representatives can help evaluate your qualifications for our program during a brief consultation.

Our aim is to set an affordable monthly savings payment for you so that you can successfully complete the program. We will make sure that the payments fit into your budget and that you fully understand the details of the process we use to get you out of debt. Then you can make an educated decision whether this is something which will benefit you and your family.


Payday Loan Help – Harris Goldberg Financial :

At Harris Goldberg Financial, our mission is to provide you with effective debt negotiations to save money on your accounts, as well as provide overall satisfaction during your debt settlement needs. Harris Goldberg Financial representatives are trained to help you establish a savings plan that will meet your needs and give you the Power of Financial Freedom! Call or Enquire Online Today! Call 1-888-737-1845 Now!

Harris Goldberg Financial can reach out to your creditors to negotiate down your debt. We hope that through successful completion of our program, you can avoid bankruptcy, stop late and over-limit fees, and stop harassing calls from your creditors.

Payday Loan Relief Help.

Payday Loan Relief Help Program Benefits

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  • One Affordable Monthly Payment

  • Personal Debt Negotiator

  • Consolidate Loans & Credit Cards

  • Drastically Reduce Interest Rates 

  • Eliminate Fees

  • Get Out Of Debt 

  • Get Back Control Of  Your Bank Account & Paycheck

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If you have more than one debt and cannot afford to pay back the balance in full, you may want to consider debt settlement. We even work to settle payday loans which have 200-1400% interest and fees associated with them. This makes it very difficult to ever pay them back. And if you do, you will pay them back over a number of years and 5 times what you borrowed.


Enrolling in a debt settlement program is one way that consumers endeavor to save money on their debts and get them paid off in a shorter period of time, and for less money. With our debt relief programs, we help customize a budget for repayment and settlement based on your current income and debt amount. Then you will set aside funds each month that will be deposited in a dedicated savings account that will be used to fund settlements and fees towards the program. 


Typically successful debt settlement companies can get you settlements that range from 40-60% of the balance and get your creditors to accept monthly payments or a lump sum payment.  



Debt Relief Services

Are you stressed out from collection calls, can barely afford to make the minimum payments on your payday loans or credit cards, and want to become debt-free in a reasonable amount of time?

Then signing up for a debt relief program may save you a great deal. A successful debt relief company can help you customize an affordable savings plan and negotiate a settlement arrangement with all your creditors. 


Your debt relief company will provide you with settlement letters in writing before remitting payments to your creditors. If this documentation is not provided to you that may be a red flag something is wrong. Also, with limited exception, a debt relief company should not charge for their services unless and until they have settled a particular debt and you have made at least one payment to the respective creditor pursuant to that settlement.   


Payday Loan Help


Do you have trouble budgeting and saving money on your own? Do you have more than one payday loan and are struggling to make the minimum payments on your loans? If the answer is Yes! You may be in need of payday loan help. A payday loan debt settlement company can help you resolve your debts. They will set up an affordable monthly savings schedule and then will proceed to negotiate settlements on your behalf for typically 40-60% of the principal balance owed.

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