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Help Paying Off Payday Loans

Below are the services we offer that help paying off payday loans.


If you have more than one payday loan and cannot afford to pay back the balance in full. You may want to consider payday loan consolidation. Most of these loans have 200-1400% interest and fees associated with the loans. This makes it very difficult to ever pay them back and if you do you will pay them back over a number of years and 5 times what you borrowed.


Enrolling in a payday loan consolidation program will enable you to save money on your debts and get all your loans paid off in a short period of time. These debt relief programs will allow you to customize a budget for repayment based on your current income and debt amount. Then you will set up an affordable monthly payment that will be deposited in a trust account in your name. 


Your debt consolidation company will then make payments to your creditors based on the settlement they negotiate for each debt you have. Typically debt settlement companies can get you settlements that range from 10-55% of the balance and get your creditors to accept monthly payments. You can consolidate all your payday loans into one low monthly payment and this will be used to pay back all your creditors.


Are you stressed out from collection calls, can barely afford to make the minimum payments on your payday loans, and want to become debt-free in a reasonable amount of time?

Then signing up for payday loan relief will help you a great deal. A payday loan relief company can stop collection calls, help you customize an affordable repayment plan, reduce interest and fees on all your loans and negotiate a settlement arrangement with all your creditors. 

Your debt relief company will provide you with settlement letters in writing before remitting payments to your creditors. If you hire a legitimate payday loan consolidation company this will be done. 

If this documentation is not provided to you that is a red flag something is wrong. Also by law, you are not allowed to pay the debt relief company directly, your monthly payment is to be placed in a savings account or trust account that is in your name. Make sure this done if you want to get all your payday loan debts paid off and have the proper records of which creditors were paid.


Payday Loan Relief Help

Do you have trouble budgeting and saving money on your own? Do you have more than one payday loan and are struggling to make the minimum payments on your loans? If the answer is Yes! You are in need of payday loan help. A payday loan debt consolidation company can help you customize a repayment plan on all your debts. Set up an affordable monthly payment that is usually half of what you are paying the payday loan lenders or less.

Then they will proceed to negotiate settlements on your behalf for typically 10-55% of the principal balance owed with eliminated fees and reduced interest rates. 

If you are unfamiliar to the FDCPA (Federal  Debt Collecting Practices Act), Usury Laws, the statute of limitations, community property states, and how all of these things affect debt collection and lending laws. Then Payday Loan Help will benefit you greatly


 Credit Card Consolidation


Are you stuck in credit card debt and can't figure how to get out? Don't worry credit card consolidation can help you save money and get your debts paid off for less money and in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are making the minimum payment on your credit cards that have over a 17% interest rate you will be paying on the debt for close to 33 years before the credit cards are paid off. The minimum monthly payment is an interest-only payment meaning the majority or all of your payment goes towards interest and nothing paying down the principal balance.


If you enroll within credit card debt settlement the majority of your money will go towards paying down your principal balances and allow you to get your debts paid off in approximately 12-60 months depending on your debt amount and monthly payment.



Best Credit Repair


If you have credit scores in the low 600's or 500's and don't know how credit reporting works. You want to get credit education and credit repair from one of the legitimate credit repair companies.

Having bad credit can cost you extra money from everything from car loans, home loans, credit cards, personal loans, rent deposits, car insurance, cell phone deposits and sometimes turned down completely. 

For a small amount of money and a little bit of time, you can learn the ins and outs of credit reporting, where your credit score stands, and what can be done to improve it. 

After you have fixed your bad credit and have the knowledge needed to keep your credit scores high you can save your self much more money than you paid a legitimate credit repair company to get there. Stop overpaying for everything in life and neglecting your bad credit. Sign up for our credit repair program today.

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