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Credit Card Consolidation Services

Harris Goldberg Financial - Credit Card Consolidation Program

In Debt Consolidation often, more than one area of expertise is required. With us, there's no need to hire a multitude of financial advisors. We can provide you with comprehensive financial support allowing us to advocate for you in whichever areas are needed.

Our team of dedicated professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas of Debt Consolidation, Payday Loan Consolidation, Credit Card Consolidation, and Payday Loan Relief, bringing a diverse background to the table. This gives us an edge when dealing with complex or difficult financial matters.

We will not assist you in any area in which we are not experienced.

We offer free initial consultations.

Harris Goldberg Financials Services include:

Payday Loan Consolidation
Debt Consolidation
Credit Card Consolidation
Payday Loan Relief
Help with Payday Loans
Credit Education Services

How Payday Loan Debt Consolidation works. We will customize a Debt Consolidation program for you based on your current financial situation and future goals.

 If you are paying on time on your payday loans or unsecured debts then you will want to enroll in Payday Loan Consolidation or Debt Consolidation program.

This credit card consolidation program will allow you to make one monthly payment that will be less than what you pay now. We will make on-time payments each month to your creditors at reduced interest rates and lowered terms this is typically around 3-9% on credit cards.  We also have a credit card settlement program available where you can save money more and get out of debt quicker.

If you want to pay off accounts that are in collections or have been charged off on your credit already you will be better suited for Payday loan Relief or a Debt relief program. These Payday Loan Relief Services and Debt Relief Programs will allow you to save the maximum amount of money and pay off your debts quickest.

We will negotiate lower principal balances on all your accounts typically 20- 50% of your current balance. This will allow you to get the payday loans or unsecured debts paid sooner. We will set up an affordable budget and go over your current income and finances to determine if you are approved.

If you approved for one of our debt consolidation programs we will set up a dedicated savings account in your name and help you to save money while we negotiate lower amounts for you to pay with your creditors.

Payday Loans Debt Consolidation Benefits Of Debt consolidation programs will help you manage your monthly bills in a comfortable manner.

We will contact all your creditors on your behalf.
We can help stop harassing phone calls from creditors.
Eliminate late fees and added interest.

Our counselors will negotiate lower balances for you that will save you large amounts of money.

Our Debt Consolidation Program will allow you to make only one payment that will cover all your monthly bills.

We will negotiate lower interest rates on all your accounts enrolled.

Unsecured debt that is enrolled can be paid in off in 60 months or less.

Payday Loans that are enrolled can be paid off in 7-8 months or less.

Contact us to today.  See how much you can save monthly and how long it will take you to become debt-free.

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Credit Card Consolidation Company

Are you stuck in credit card debt and can’t figure how to get out? Credit card settlement may help you save money and get your debts paid off for less money and in a more reasonable amount of time.

If you are making the minimum payment on your credit cards that have over a 17% interest rate you will be paying on the debt for close to 33 years before the credit cards are paid off.


The minimum monthly payment is an interest-only payment meaning the majority or all of your payment goes towards interest and nothing paying down the principal balance.

If you enroll in credit card debt settlement, the majority of your money you set aside will go towards paying down your principal balances and allow you to get your debts paid off in approximately 12-60 months depending on your debt amount, monthly payment, and creditor.

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