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Payday Loan Debt Relief Services.

Harris Goldberg Financial can help you get out of payday loan debt and credit card debt with one affordable monthly payment.

If you are stick in payday loan debt and can't pay off your debts in full. Our payday debt relief programs will be able to help you.

We can consolidate your payday loans into one affordable monthly payment, then we can contact all your creditors and negotiate settlements for less than your principal balances.

Best of all this can be done with your one affordable monthly payment. By eliminating fees and excessive interest and setting up a fixed repayment plan.

You can save money and get out of debt in a shorter period of time.

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How Payday Loan Relief Companies Work.


Harris Goldberg Financial is a payday loan relief company. We specialize in helping people get out of payday loan debt.


Our Payday Loan Relief Programs assist people in saving money and getting their loans paid off with one affordable payment.


The way payday loan relief programs work are first we calculate your debt to income ratio.


Then we determine an affordable monthly payment. After we will contact your creditors and negotiate settlements on your loans.


​Typical settlements range from 40-60% off the principal balance. After each settlement agreement is reached you will receive a signed settlement letter showing how much money we saved you on this account.


As you make your monthly payment we will pay the creditors accordingly to the settlement agreements.  After each account is paid off you will receive a paid in full letter.

Payday Loan Relief Company Hollywood, Florida.

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Harris Goldberg Financial Corporate Office

3837 Hollywood Blvd ste A Hollywood, FL 33021

Office: 888-737-1845

Fax: 954-998-1326

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