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Harris Goldberg Financial is a payday loan relief company. We specialize in helping people get out of payday loan debt.


Our Payday Loan Relief Programs assist people in saving money and getting their loans paid off with one affordable payment.


The way payday loan relief programs work are first we calculate your debt to income ratio.


Then we determine an affordable monthly payment. After we will contact your creditors and negotiate settlements on your loans.


​Typical settlements range from 40-60% off the principal balance. After each settlement agreement is reached you will receive a signed settlement letter showing how much money we saved you on this account.


As you make your monthly payment we will pay the creditors accordingly to the settlement agreements.  After each account is paid off you will receive a paid in full letter.

 Sign Up For A Payday Loan Relief Program.

Thank you for contacting Harris Goldberg Financial. One of our debt counselors will contact you shortly.

More and more people are forced to take out payday loans due to limited finance options, escalating bills, and unforeseen expenses.


Many online payday loan lenders violate the usury law in most states.


It is virtually impossible to pay off payday loans that charge 200-900% and fees on loans. Harris Goldberg Financial can help.


Make the smart decision and get payday loan help. This way you can save money, get out of debt sooner, and get back control of your paycheck and bank account.


It is almost impossible to pay off debts when the majority of your money goes towards interest and fees  and little to no money towards the principal balance.


Instead consolidate payday loans into a debt relief program so you can save money and get your debts paid off fast. This will help you eliminate payday loans quickly and with a monthly payment you can afford.

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Harris Goldberg Financial
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Debt Settlement & Debt Consolidation services have been around for years.


Most payday loan lenders and credit card companies don't want to tell you this because it's not in their companies' best interest!


But debt consolidation is in your best interest especially if you are struggling to pay back your debts.


Legitimate payday loan consolidation companies have your best interest in mind.


The debt relief company only charges a fee after they save your money and they help you repay your debts at a discounted amount.


So it's a smart decision to stop making multiple payments to multiple creditors with the majority of your money going towards interest and fees.


Instead, you could make one affordable monthly payment and have the majority of your money go towards paying down principal balances at reduced interest rates and with eliminated fees. 

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